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My name is Pat Cruz. I have worked in arts education for over 25 years. Like the rest of us, I am so distraught by what is happening to our world because of COVID19. I was trying to think of what I can do to help so many amazing artists and good friends who have lost work due to the pandemic. Through my work as an arts teacher (now-online) and through social media connections I saw there is a great need for engaging activities for children and adults who are staying safe and staying home for the common good. 

I realized - this is the time for the non-profit I've been dreaming about: 
The Transcontinental Educator Artist Collective for Humanity - TEACH !

TEACH will create a space to connect teaching artists with individuals, families, nursing homes, group homes, people all over the world who are isolated at home and looking for creative outlets! 

  • Is for families, senior centers, individuals, and all "quarantine -ers" looking to learn, grow, and create.
  • Is a place for Exemplary Teachers and Teaching Artists  to share goods and services with our world community.
  • Is a rare opportunity to connect and share knowledge with fellow creative thinkers and kindred spirits from around the globe!

Thank you for joining our global community! 
Please help our community grow by sharing our work!

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