Jeff Mather, Community Based Public Artist

Jeff Mather is a community-based public artist & environmental sculptor and interdisciplinary
teaching artist. He has served since 2012 as STEAM Artist in Residence at Drew Charter
School, the first STEAM-certified charter school in Georgia. Mather has also travelled to Logan,
Utah twice a year since 2012 where he is the lead artist for the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts
Access program, a full inclusion arts program that serves students with disabilities. He has
worked as a teaching artist extensively in the Atlanta metro area and throughout the southeast
as an independent artist and educator, serving over 180 sites. He has conducted hundreds of
workshops and assembly programs in schools and other community venues. When directing
public art projects he always works in collaboration with other artists and community members.
A member of Alternate ROOTS since 1992, he has had several of his community-based public
art projects funded by ROOTS' Community/Artist Partnership Program. He is also a facilitator
with Alternate ROOTS' Resources for Social Change training team. He is on the teaching artist
registry for the Georgia Council for the Arts and was lead artist, co-founder, and board president
for the Atlanta Partnership for Arts in Learning until it ceased during the pandemic. In addition to
his many sculpture residencies, Mather was the lead artist for the Woodruff Art Center's Digital
Storytelling Program and is accomplished in digital media. As an APAL partner artist he has co-
taught Geometry, Chemistry, and World History, and he has run digital storytelling residencies
as part of APAL's intensive partnership with the South Atlanta School of Law & Social Justice
developing a full semester 'Art for Social Justice' course for L&SJ, based on a sequence of
back-to-back residencies with four other teaching artists participating. He has also been the lead
artist for the On Site/Insight Program, coaching multi-school environmental art partnerships in
Atlanta Public Schools, one of which resulted in the installation of the first permanent outdoor
sculpture on the grounds of the Hammonds House Museum in Atlanta.
Mather has designed and facilitated many professional development retreats for educators and
teaching artists. He has been an artist-in-residence twice at the High Museum in Atlanta, and
was the first visual artist-in-residence for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, developing an object
theater + dance collaboration for a series of 20 ASO concerts. He also has orchestrated the
start up of the high school artists' “Art Throwdown", along with John Brandhorst, that has
involved several GA high schools and has been hosted at the High Museum and the Dogwood
Festival and other venues. He has presented sessions at seven NAEA (National Art Education
Assoc.) conventions and several STEAM conferences.
Mather is a fire juggler and a mandolin picker – though not at the same time. He is married to
Amy Mather, an educator at Morningside Elementary School in Atlanta, who he met when he
was artist-in-residence there in 1991. They have two daughters, Katherine and Grace.

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