Community Pop-Up Artist

My name is Tiedra Marshall and I am an independent community arts teacher in York, PA with 15 years of experience in the field of education. I typically pop up at local parks to provide art instruction to anyone who is interested in participating. I also partner with a local family homeless shelter. Residents are invited as a family to engage in collaborative art exercises. They learn how to use common household items to create artistic expressions. It is my hope that the experience serves as a buffer to the impacts of toxic stress and provides a brief positive disruption .
Sometimes the art activity conjures a childhood memory for the parent. Other times, I might notice a slight smile creep across their face as they watch their child proudly create. At times, we pair a books with the activity and it's amazing to see the children enter a world beyond their own through literacy and art. They entering into a world where anything is possible and for a moment it feels attainable. Those are the moments that prompt me to continue to show up. Families get a taste of "I can" and continue to push through the process. They embrace a growth mindset.
Fixed mindsets grieve me. When people subscribe to a fixed mindset, it disrupts progress. I believe in early and often. The more often individuals have opportunities to develop their "persistence muscle", the more likely they are to reach their potential.

Listing created Nov 16, 2020

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