Humanity is highly susceptible to the worst pandemic to hit the world, talking about "global food shortage or acute hunger".

However, in the wake of the covid19, we witnessed one of the basic normal human instinct of "self-preservation" whereby people started to hoard food and other supplies, just because they were psychologically insecure.

Significantly, education is counterproductive if it fails to develop an interest in Agriculture, particularly in kids.

On 7th February this year, I visited a private school in Ghana and sampled views from kids between the ages of 6 to 16years. I posed a simple question to know from them the profession that they would want to pursue in the future.

That day, I interacted with 500 kids but none mentioned a profession related to either farming or becoming a farmer. At least, if one had told me that he/she wanted to grow plants, I would have put it within the context of Agriculture or environmental sustainability, but disappointingly, I got no response as an indicator that these kids had an interest in Agriculture, let alone having the conviction that it is a viable "professional" business venture that brings about sustainable living.

Interestingly, I observed that these kids "love to eat, yet they know not how to grow what they want and love to eat".

Now, based on this research, I decided to plan, strategize, and develop a Farm-To-School fun teaching program specifically for kids which I call "The Farm Academy" (TFA).

TFA will educate kids on the following:

  1. The basics of agriculture (Theory)
  2. Gardening (Theory/Practicals)
  3. Nursery Management (Theory/Practicals)
  4. Tree Planting or Reforestation (Theory/Practicals)

In conclusion, the aforementioned topics are but a few of the many initiatives that I will integrate into my program which will not only focus on agriculture but also help to bring solutions to the often-overlooked subjects of climate change.

Additionally, if we can nurture the passion and interest for Agriculture in kids, they will grow with hands-on-experience which will enhance their understanding of the ecosystem and of the need to contribute to food security.

TFA will become an avenue to potential careers in Agriculture and Environmentalism.

This is my TEACH sustainability project.

Listing created Dec 31, 2020

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