The Art of STEAM: Collaboration Skills

WORKSHOP: The Art of STEAM: Collaboration Skills
DESCRIPTION: Participants will take an existing design sketch and invite others to add to it or modify it. This is a prompt to reflect on how it feels to share power in creative work. In design fields collaboration is key. This workshop covers:
Getting Together: Participants will find a “trigger” for a STEAM project. A trigger is a ‘spark plug’ term or a guiding concept or phenomenon that crosses disciplines. Examples: FLOW and LIGHT and AIR and SPACE and SHELTER.
I Don’t Communicate So Good: Some people seem to have a natural gift for being good communicators but, like everything else, the key to being a good communicator is practice, practice, practice. Participants will consider what makes for excellent communication, working in small groups, and identify potential obstacles and strategies for overcoming them.
Sharing Inspirations: Participants will have time to reflect on what was most useful to them during this workshop. We’ll assess the value of the PD beyond the usual fill-in-the-blanks evaluation forms.

INSTRUCTOR BIO: Jeff Mather has been STEAM Artist-in-Residence at Drew Charter for eight years, 45 days each semester, co-teaching with teachers in all subject areas and all grade levels K-12 at various points. He is a community-based public artist and environmental sculptor. When he is not at Drew, he is running STEAM PD workshops for educators for ArtsNow. He also can be found in Logan, Utah, twice a year where he is Lead Artist for a full inclusion Arts Access Program. He has been a Georgia Council for the Arts registry teaching artist since 1992.

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