Art environmental project - Rotating trash assemblage

This workshop presents a 3-part high-school curriculum steAm project focused on the exhibition of an assemblage collaborative art piece using recycled materials to raise awareness about Global issue of litter and Global warming and Local environmental issue of endangered Natural monument.

A1 - Environmental local issue research
A2 - Google Map capturing and image rendering
A3 - Connecting subjects – Interdisciplinary approach
B1 - Collecting plastic trash
B2 - Preparing the surface and the materials and cutting
A4 - Assembling the artwork
A5 - Making it interactive
C1 - Exhibition and promotion

The workshop can be applied in every school all around the World; especially if the school is situated next to some local environmental issue that can be represented from above and if there is a trash pollution problem. Workshop aims to raise awareness to issues of disastrous human impact on Nature resulting in Global Warming and Climate Change and Global issue of Plastic trash pollution, but also has a part of practical cleaning and teaching students of the importance of recycling and trash management.

Listing created Jul 20, 2021

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