Live On-Line Workshop: Learn about Japanese Bamboo Flutes

Learn Japanese Bamboo flutes with Marco from Taikoza.

We will learn about Japanese bamboo flutes ( The Shakuhachi and the Shinobue) and learn about Japanese music and culture . Take a short trip to Japan to discover Japanese music. You will also hear live bamboo flutes being played.

Here is a link to our group Taikoza- highlights of our show.
Inline link
and also Taikoza drum and flutes video
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There is a fun interactive element which will require some material such as empty clean bottles of different shapes ( old shampoo, water, soda bottles of every size) and also some water to put in the bottles.

Let's have some fun learning about a new culture.

We can also hold workshops and presentations in French, German, Italian, Japanese and in basic Spanish.
Platform we can use for lesson/workshops: Zoom, Viber, Whatsapp, FaceTime, Skype, etc.
We can do online concerts or workshops for larger groups as well

Find Cd and books and more at and

Find the music of Taikoza on AppleMusic or on Sportify
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East Winds Ensemble
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Marco Lienhard
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Listing created Apr 25, 2020

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