PD for TEACHERS Musical Math: Additive Rhythm & Beats Repeat


Professional Development for parents and teachers of 2nd-4th graders

Beats Repeat teaches students to construct beats using multiplication facts and reinforces math skills.

In this 2-hour PD you will learn how to engage your young learner to:

  1. Use rhythm as a motivator, energizer and organizer!!!

  2. Identify and use common sounds and techniques to create their beats. (Ex. desk top sounds, vocal percussion/ beat box sounds, and found objects)

  3. Visually represent their sounds and rhythms with syllables

  4. Construct a rhythm using a number bond and the musical additive rhythm technique to reduce any number into a combination of 3s, 2s, and 1s.

  5. Organize their rhythm into columns and rows (array)

  6. Solve, practice, and perform their multiplication sentence, demonstrating what each number in a multiplication sentence represents and how they got the musical and numerical answer.

This program is designed to make multiplication concepts stick; an embodied experience students will not easily forget!

Prior to the training you will receive the following supplemental materials in PDF format:

  1. Beats Repeat Guide and Instructions
  2. Sound chart and cards
  3. Multiplication sentence chart
  4. Beats Repeat chart paper worksheet
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