REACH (A Video Poetry)

REACH is a creative piece that unveils the alarming state of

The content unveils the state of our planet (EARTH) and the degree of danger that we are all exposed to. It's a strong message that engages minds to act swiftly through collaboration.

As a Teaching Artist with over twenty years of experience, I understand the power of Collaboration.

We cannot talk about Climate Change without involving ALL. The many conferences and strategic plans well mapped out will only remain in an art gallery to be applauded without direct engagement of such initiatives without the collaboration of ALL.

REACH inpires the need to engage Scientists, Teaching Artists, Artistes, Communities, Government Agencies, Environmental Experts, Students and all other sectors to WALK THE TALK.

With deliberate Climate Change focused action plans / activities rolled out in our schools, churches, mosques, and at all gatherings, the consciousness of ALL will ignite effective HANDS ON THE GROUND result.

Name: Peter Atsu Adaletey
Where you teach: Government Institutions, Montessori Schools and Arts Studios
What you teach: Theatre Arts and Dance
Number of students you serve: I serve over 500 students yearly.
Type of school/org: Public and Private Schools and Art Studios.
Number of years in education: 22

Biggest Pet Peeve: (as a Teaching Artist (Drama and Dance Instructor)"Arts Missing on the Priority List: An Optional Item"
I continually grow in bitterness whenever I find school owners/administrators and government passively responding to the arts. The reputation of the arts continue to suffer from disrespect and this is a difficult situation to bear. It's emotionally torturing but determination and purpose of heart is what keeps me.

Your philosophy of life or words you live by: “DO WHAT YOU LOVE, LOVE WHAT YOU DO". Everyone has an expectation and will do all it takes to embrace them but the undeniable fact is that as we face diverse challenges, many times, we are enforced to neglect our passion and lands ourselves on paths that brings no inner peace / fulfillment. When one is determined and discipline, understanding that worth of his/her passion, no matter the pressures of life, s/he can always remain dedicated to the call and become successful.

A project you are proud of: Establishing a Theatre HOUSE. Knowing the power of the Arts, since 1998, I selflessly invested my time, energy, intellect, resources and reputation to empowering people especially children and youth. Through the Arts, they discovered their identity, became confident in their unique abilities and with bravery, they keep lifting their head up. Miss Ghana 2020 is from my camp and great award-winning dancers, actors and other multi-talented artistes keep making me proud because they have become a symbol of hope for many.

Why you are interested in participating in the
TEACH Climate Change Agents Institute: I very much
believe in the vision of the TEACH organization. Since I have been involved in empowerment missions, it's been a fulfilling experience connecting with TEACH because it has opened me to a broader space and a fertile ground which will bud many benefits to communities; making the world a better place.

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